Berean Publishing Trust, (BPT Trust)

The Berean Publishing Trust, BPT, was set up to aid and preserve the publications work of Charles H Welch; and, since his death, the work of those who have been approved by the Trustees to carry on that work.

BPT accordingly publishes Bible Study books/booklets/leaflets by the following authors (as scheduled /approved by the BPT Trustees):   A Schofield, BE Sherring, CH Welch, EP Moore (Miss), GT Foster, LA Canning, {P Kreling}, S Allen; with some joint-contributor items.


The following points should also be noted:

a) The price of a publication is normally set only around the costs of its printing and mailing.

b) Many of the BPT books and booklets bring together material that was serialised in issues of the Berean
. More of this work is currently in hand, but most of the planned work has already been done.

c) Books are generally in hard-cover; though '[P/B]' in the Title column indicates interim paperback-format.
       ie for just 4, in 112 books.)

d) Not all the books have Indexes. These are being added, when an item revision is carried out, as time
      and resources permit.