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This website was established to publicize the work of the two trusts, which were set up by Charles H Welch in 1944; the Berean Forward Movement, and the Berean Publishing Trust. The former looks after the study, exposition and teaching of the Word of God at the Chapel of the Opened book in London and at our meeting place in Preston; and the latter publishes our literature.

Both the Berean Forward Movement and the Berean Publishing Trust exist to foster and further the testimony to DISPENSATIONAL TRUTH and the claims of RIGHT DIVISION of the Holy Scriptures. These have characterised the teaching of Charles H Welch from the publication of the first edition of the Berean Expositor in 1909 until the present day.

The content of each literature and recording item on this website will have been judged by the Trustees to be in keeping with the requirements of the BFM/BPT Trust Deeds; and special attention is paid to the 'Four Tenets' of the BFM/BPT, and their application to the study of Holy Scripture.

A main guideline is that anything that is published must be in keeping with the Biblical discoveries of CH Welch, except where it can be properly shown that there has been a significant misunderstanding or misinterpretation by him - though this has not to date arisen. However, details of any agreed changes, and of minor errors, will be given against an affected item on this Website; and will be incorporated in any affected printed item version in due course.

The main authors and speakers are: A Schofield, BE Sherring, CH Welch, EP Moore (Miss), GT Foster, LA Canning, P Kreling, S Allen;

with some joint-contributor items.

A Our Basis, four Basic Tenets

B Main Bible understanding distinctives

C Berean Forward Movement (BFM) Trust

D Berean Publishing Trust (BPT)

E Chapel of the Opened Book; and the Chapel Trust


Welcome to ‘Easier Bible Study’, where our approach and method overcomes all sorts of difficulties!
Brought to you by: the Berean Forward Movement; the Berean Publications Trust; and the Chapel of the Opened Book at 52A Wilson St, London EC2A 2ER, UK.

The Bible shows us the Way of salvation, and offers us direction and comfort. Bible study therefore must be a part of today's Christian lifestyle. We must open and explore our Bibles, because by so doing we extend out knowledge and understanding of God's plan and purpose.

Such a task may seem daunting, but our own large literature range (leaflets, booklets, and books, etc), and the many recorded expositions, are designed to guide you through the Scriptures. Our items expound most of God's Word – by exploring it in depth, and by closely applying the above two verses by the apostle Paul.

All our written and spoken items are listed in the Publications and Recordings sections, and may be purchased via the website- or by directly contacting the Chapel. The recordings are already on the website, and can be listened-to, and freely downloaded. The publications are now being prepared in electronic format (pdf) and progressively added to the website - so that they can be read and Searched, and be freely downloaded,

All these resources are being made available here to encourage sound Bible study at an appropriate level.

Regular open meetings at the Chapel include: a weekly 11am Sunday Service; and Bible Studies, on Wednesday lunchtimes, and on the first Saturday afternoon of each month. (See the Meetings tab above for more details.).